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Suffolk Yoga Nidra & Meditation Retreats


Yoga Nidra is a potent vessel for creativity and produces a form of 'light dreaming' where clarity, illumination, understanding issues, guidance, or insight can unfold. This practice not only provides the opportunity for rest but also is a space where your capacity to glimpse where and why you are stuck in repeating patterns and provides a portal to your intuition, self knowledge and creativity. 



  The brain is constantly predicting the future based on the information we feed it from the past. The state of yoga nidra gives space for new clarity and produces a new 'mind movie' in a resting state that is 'peace beyond words. This type of meditation allows us to rest in the Alpha and Theta brain wave states. These brain wave states are the frequencies of creativity, intuition and healing, enabling a space to 'shed light' on any situation through inspiration and deeper reflection, and create a new vision of what is possible for the future


This is especially for those who are seeking a personalised guided meditation to focus on something in particular, like stuck patterns or beliefs, insomnia or a creative solution. The sessions are tailored to your needs in a held space that is healing and nourishing so you can rest your analytical thinking mind and allow your creativity and dreams to flow. 


"What an incredibly powerful nidra you so generously offered us last night. Amazing. You saved the best until last, and finished on such a flourish - really it's pretty hard to find the right words to offer that do it justice.  Needless to say, it was pretty impactful for me, in a bunch of ways. Beautiful visualisations, and extraordinary words. Magnificent!  More specifically, I LOVED the ocean visualisation. Massively powerful for me, tide in and out, and colour - just great (and personally very easy to reach for). Provided me with a wonderful sensation of calm in my body - of rest and calm " -


Gemma - Yoga Nidra bedtime stories

Suffolk Yoga Nidra & Meditation Retreats

 During this 90 minute session together the Nidra begins with a shared dialogue of intentions and purpose for the session and intended outcomes tailored to your needs. This is very much a co-creation and I ask that you give me as much information in advance of the sessions as possible. Please detail what you would like the Nidra to support you with via the booking form so I can ensure you get the most out of your time with me.   


We will look at everything that  is possible in your life, examine what you want to move away from, what you want more of and co-create your own personalised Nidra for you to listen to on a daily basis, giving the brain consistent new imagery, a new 'mind movie' to create sustainable change. 



Suffolk Yoga Nidra & Meditation Retreats


The session is £90 which includes your recording for you to facilitate a deeper practice and bring your creative vision of all that is possible to life.

You will recieve a zoom link when you place your booking. 

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