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Sunday Afternoon Yoga Nidra Retreat

 19th of June
2 -5pm

 Apple Mount Retreat, Thorpe Morieux, Lavenham 


 Sunday Afternoon Retreat

I warmly invite you to join me for these Sunday retreat afternoons at the Apple Mount Retreat on a hilltop outside Lavenham in Suffolk where we will be sharing connection,  community, and radical rest in nature. In this Sunday afternoon session, we will look at beauty as a call to awaken,  discover the voice of your heart through song and mantra, and reconnect to the gift in you that lies dormant during fallow time. 

Connect to your unique gift

Find peace in this moment

Come back home into your belonging



Our gathering will take place at Apple Mount Retreat, a peaceful luxurious glamp site on a hilltop outside Lavenham.  The yoga nidra practices will be inside the Tipi filled with sheepskin rugs, nestling amongst trees and landscaped gardens, surrounded by beautiful countryside and famously huge Suffolk skies. 

 This beautiful expansive space is a perfect backdrop for dreaming and transformation.




Yoga Nidra in nature provides the space and time to connect with the land, the elements and peel away the layers of who you think you are, to connect back to your nature body, and deeper wisdom inside you.


During these retreat afternoons, Stephanie will share poetry from Mary Oliver, Hafiz, Rumi, and more to awaken the divine beauty and imagination that lies within.


You will come away with simple rituals and tools for integrating beauty and tuning into the song of your heart in personal, simple, effective and beautiful ways.