4 week programme for dreams and sleep 

January 2022

Every thought you have during the day is
conditioning your quality of sleep at night. 

Your first thought of the day is you haven’t had enough sleep.

Your second thought is you haven’t got enough time.

You have 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day. Of those thousands of thoughts,  around 80% are negative, and

95% are recycled from the day before. Every night you ‘play the same songs’ over and over again. 

These thoughts pop onto your head at 3am like cognitive popcorn, pop, pop, pop.



The less you sleep, the more anxious you get, the more anxious you get, the less you sleep...

this self perpetuating cycle seems inescapable.

This build-up of sleep debt creates a negative relationship with being in bed,

where it has become a place of anxiety, rumination and worry.

The self fulfilling prophecy


It's time to step out of a world of anxiety and into a world of purpose. Together we will identify and strip away thoughts and behaviours that cause and maintain sleep problems. We will dig deeper than your to do list, unearth your big life concerns and get to the heart of the things that keep you up at night.


This three dimensional programme is designed to help rewire your brain so you can remove sleep anxiety and ruminating thoughts, and develop a positive relationship with sleep and your mind.


Each week you will create new connections so you can relearn the natural rhythms of dreams and sleep, learn the antidote to the 6 key negative emotions, and discover how to sleep well to live well. You will chart a map, writing your way from here to there so that you can get from here to there, word by word, line by line. The coaching techniques give you tools and techniques you will master during this program that will support you for the rest of your life.

Yoga nidra and lucid dreaming_edited.jpg

Write your way home to yourself

  • Reestablish a positive relationship with yourself over 4 weeks.  You will do this through a combination of video and audio tutorials plus journaling prompts to give you everything you need to reduce anxiety and welcome sleep.

  • 4 x live 'Dream Clinic' coaching sessions for accountability and answering the questions you need. I am here to support you every step of the way. 

  • 4 x live breathing circles to practice the self hypnosis techniques and maintain your new habits.  

  • 4 x self-hypnosis sleep meditation recordings for you to keep - these are specially recorded by Stephanie. These meditations provide a back bone to the programme

  • ‘Rest’ days at weekends to catch up. The programme is delivered in bite sized chunks so it is easy to implement without feeling overwhelming. 

  • A supportive community so you can have accountability,  share your journey, and motivate one another.  



 Starting with your inner world change your unhelpful beliefs about insomnia, and rewire your mind to remove anxiety and decrease cognitive arousal.

Understand  the science of sleep and breath, your natural rhythms of sleep, and hormone cycles. Reframe sleep as quality over quantity.  





 Learn the tools for integrating stress, anxiety, phobias, past trauma, or recurrent nightmares through dream-work. Find stability in the night and overcome mind made fears.



Have a deeper and freer relationship with yourself. Vision and create your newly energised life and positive habits within a supportive community.


Your growth and support is important to me and this course also includes:

  • The ‘how to’ journaling workbook to learn the lifetime tool for decluttering your mind.

  • A meditation tool kit for a good night’s  sleep - lifetime access

  • Bonus coaching video for how to turn your mind into a palace

  • FB community for support and accountability beyond the course

  • Recordings of the live coaching sessions for you to keep. These are a valuable resource for you to catch up with at any time.

  • Optional extra coaching sessions with Stephanie


The next programme runs from the 1st - 28th of January 2022

The programme is £495

Spaces are limited. There are only have 15 places on the programme to ensure group intimacy and dynamics.

*Bonus* Receive three months free membership in the Featherlight Collective to give you the extra space and time to complete the programme. 

A 3 -6 month payment plan can be arranged. Pay a deposit and the rest can be paid in monthly installements. 

Hello I'm Stephanie, 

I struggled with sleep and anxiety for many years when I became a new mother. It was only when I became interested in meditation, took steps to create new habits and learned how to reframe my relationship with sleep did I find tools that could really make a difference.

This programme is built on my personal experience with anxiety and insomnia, scientific evidence plus anecdotal experience from working with 1000’s of clients over the last 15 years as a clinical aromatherapist, coach and meditation teacher.


It is my aim to take you from sleep deprived and anxious about sleep to energised, free from insomnia, turning your mind into a sparkling palace.  


On completion of the Sleep Chronicles  I feel so much joy!

I would never have guessed that changing my habits would provide such huge benefits. Fatigue has gone!  Wow !

Daily journaling and meditation including breath work and visualisation have become my go to no matter how busy I think I am. Just so amazingly powerful.


I am beyond words as to how much benefit the course has provided for me - Just mind expanding . Thankyou Stephanie


Participating in the Sleep Chronicles has been a joy! A deeply enriching, life affecting, and affirming experience, that has significantly improved my sleep and overall well-being, for the long-term. 

The impacts have been substantial. My sleep has been revolutionised and I feel and see beneficial changes in my overall well-being and performance - remarkable!

Stephanie is an incredible teacher. She will be with you every step of the way. Take a step to freedom and growth if you can.


I consistently fall asleep quicker, sleep longer, and feel more rested and clear headed when I wake. 


This has made a huge difference to how I feel each day in terms of my energy, enthusiasm, and being able to focus on positively achieving the things I want more of in my life. 

Stephanie is amazing at what she does, offering support and encouragement in such a kind and gentle but fantastically effective way."



  • Recondition your sleep to create dreams you want to have

  • Wake up feeling refreshed, with clarity and energy for your day

  • Improve your memory and concentration


  •  Feel less cluttered in your mind - and your life 

  • Improve your quality of sleep so you feel well-rested

  • Feel free of negative and repetitive thoughts.

  • Fall asleep easily, and get back to sleep quickly if you wake.   ​




  • You are feeling tired all the time, stuck, anxious and are constantly ‘in your head’

  • You want to learn how to use your sensitivities as a super power, reframe anxiety and step into a world of purpose 

  • You want to restore self confidence and self trust​ when it comes to creating boundaries with your time and with people

  • You want to rediscover your natural energy and not rely on counterfeit energies to get you through the day. 

  • You want to move into a more fulfilled, aligned, happy and empowered self.

  • You are ready to make the changes required to free yourself from anxiety and insomnia and want to be guided in a supportive environment. 


What will I need?  

Access to a computer and the internet, a notebook you wish to use as your journal, plus a pen you love to write with.  You will also require motivation and self discipline to make the changes neccessary. 

When are the live sessions?

The Dream Clinic is on Tuesday evenings 7-8 pm The Breathing Circle is on Tuesday evenings 8 -9 pm. These are held via zoom. You will receive a link once you have booked your place. 

What if I can't attend the live sessions?  

All live sessions are recorded and sent by email the next day so you can catch up and relisten anytime. 

When will I see results? 

By the end of the course with commitment and daily practice of the techniques taught, you will see and feel significant difference to the quality of your sleep, and the quality of your days. 

How do I access the programme?

The programme and meditations are delivered to you by email which are yours to keep. The emails are delivered at 9am each day. 

What if I'm not on Facebook?  

The private Facebook group is optional and everything you need to know and learn is given to you in the daily emails and live sessions.