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Rest, relaxation, and meditation, just you and Steph aboard
the L’atlanta Widebeam canal boat in Ely

Step out of striving and reset your life to a sustainable rhythm 

Life can go too fast, and your diary can feel overloaded with commitments which create a sense of a never ending to do list,  a backlog of unfinished jobs and a permanent feeling of urgency 


The River Retreat Day is for any woman who wants to step out of busy, distraction and stress and step into stillness, peace and freedom in a beautiful natural setting on the river.


 Meditation and life balance coaching provides you with an approach to your life that takes you out of overwhelm and into freedom and peace. I warmly invite you to join me on the river, step out of linear time so you can nourish your soul, rest and reconnect to your spirit. 


I practice cyclical living and live on the river Ouse in Ely on my wide beam canal boat, L’atlanta with my King Schnauzer Stanley. I have made bold choices to break free from the social norms of striving and productivity to turn my one adventure with the universe into a lifestyle I love using my intuition, imagination and creativity, including spending my twenties traveling and living in Bali, the island of the gods.


As an intuitive coach and meditation teacher, I assist women to master their thoughts so they can live a life with freedom, ease, and a lot less stress. I see myself as a lighthouse, shining a light so women can navigate their way back home to themselves. I show women how to live in harmony with their natural rhythms, supporting women to find their voice, find balance and connect them to their intuition and creativity. It is my aim to take you from disconnected and burnt out to energised, lighter, and connected to your own intuitive wisdom and purpose.  


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L’atlanta is a beautiful light and airy 60 x 12ft wide beam canal boat which provides the spaciousness and intimacy for our one to one sessions on the river. Located on the great river Ouse, where the way of life on the river is almost snail-paced,  travelling at the most at 5mph for our afternoon cruise, this creates the perfect backdrop for stillness, rest and freedom.  I warmly invite you to join me on L’atlanta where our day together will be a nourishing blend of meditation, journaling and coaching, plus time to pause and take in the beautiful scenery of the river. It is my intention that you leave the river feeling nourished, with your integrity reclaimed and reconnected back to a rhythm of life that feels sustainable and freeing.. 




From the moment you step onto L’atlanta, you will feel your shoulders drop, and be guided through the surface layers of the flurry of your life to the open waters of stillness on the other side. 


During our River Retreat Day, you will experience a nurturing blend of yoga nidra (meditation), life balance coaching, journaling and mindfulness in nature, allowing you to…

  • Strip back the noise of everyday life, so you can more easily listen to your own intuition so you can distill what is essential to you and the pace of life you would like to live.

  • Peel away your heavy cloak of roles, responsibilities, and expectations of who you think you should be, and return to yourself and who you really are.

  • Experience a less frantic pace of living, which you can choose to take back to your everyday life and feel the benefits ripple out for weeks to come after our time together.

  • Look at life through a new lens, change the way you think and feel about yourself, helping you unfold, release and move forwards in your life with ease and lightness.



I teach a style of meditation called Yoga Nidra - this is yoga for the mind, not the body. Yoga nidra promotes deep rest and relaxation that isn’t found in your average meditation practice and is more refreshing than deep sleep. Considered the meditative heart of Yoga, yoga nidra offers the possibility of deep transformation where you enter the enchanting space between waking and dreaming. It moves your body and your consciousness into an altered state of deep rest and rejuvenation.


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Journaling is a little like whispering to yourself and listening at the same time. I will be offering you deeper journaling exercises so you can get in touch with the touchy feely part of your brain and let your creative mind wander and be free.


The journal is yours to keep so you have something tangible to take away with you so you can remember and return back to your thoughts and good intentions once you step back onto land. 



The invitation of this day retreat is about nourishment on the inside and the out, and slowing everything down, including the way we eat. I invite you to notice everything, for all the senses to be enlivened through sight, sound, touch and taste.  I will prepare us slow food, perhaps made in the slow cooker that's plant based, and nourishes the soul and heart. 


My experiences of running my own restaurant in Bali are woven through my cooking and recipes, and I am happy to share with you recipes for anything we eat that you might like to recreate once you are home. If you have any dietary requirements or preferences you can let me know on the booking form.

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My King Schnauzer Stanley is an optional extra part of the day. He is full of love and joy and only lives in the moment, which helps everyone he meets to stay in the now. 


There is no additional charge for having Stanley with us, however, if you feel you would rather it was a dog free day he can go and spend the day with his friends in doggie daycare.




This is especially for women who are feeling burnt out, overextended and seeking ways to reset the fast pace of their lives to a more sustainable rhythm. A day on the river with me will show you a new way of being, one that is a special reality where we step out of linear time and into something liminal, spacious, and free. This will give you that precious space to step away from an over-committed life and into the wise, intuitive part of you that is always free. 

How our day together will unfold

This schedule is flexible according to the weather, and what you need in the moment, but to give you a

flavour of what to expect, here is what the day may look like:


10am  - Arrival on to L’atlanta.

We begin our time with a co-creation soul session where we set intentions for our day

together and we discuss what it is that you most need from the day.

From this, I personalise a guided welcome home to yourself welcome meditation.


11am -  Life balance coaching.

Based on insights that arise from the meditation we will explore and expand your

thinking to unlock any looping thinking or negative thought patterns

12pm - Reflective journaling 

Build a relationship with your thought process and write your way into peace,

calm and connect to your intuitive self.


12:30pm Slow mindful lunch

Slow food, slow eating and soulful conversation around the woodburner


1:30pm River cruise with coaching

 A little more gentle life balance coaching as we weave our way along the river

3pm - Ease you back into life Meditation,

 Feeling heart warmed from your experience,  Write out final journal reflections and

tiny rituals to take away with you. 

4pm Departure from L’atlanta back at the place where we began on the river 

Autumn Retreat

I feel beyond fortunate to have benefitted from Stephane's incredible skills. In truth words here fall short of my full gratitude. She has opened up my eyes, helped me to stay on the path - fuller and richer - in every sense than I ever thought possible - develop new friendships, new understandings  and a fuller and more peaceful heart. 





  • 2 x guided meditation sessions to help you reconnect back to yourself, create headspace and connect to your intuition. These will be recorded for you to keep.

  • Breathwork for calming the mind

  • The featherlight living journal 

  • Soulful life balance coaching

  • Soul food slow lunch

  • Mindfulness afternoon river cruise

  • Reflective journaling

  • Tiny rituals to take home with you



  • Overnight accommodation on L’atlanta

  • Travel to and from the river 




Group river retreat prices can be given on request. ​


What Happens Next?


Ready to release that feeling of rushing, and rediscover yourself?


1 - Click the button below and complete the very short form telling me about yourself and when you’d like to join me for the day.


2 - I’ll get back to you with:

Dates for you to choose from

Logistics of where we’ll meet and where you can park (if you come by car)

Terms and conditions

A checkout page so you can pay and secure your place

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