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 Nidra In Nature Day Retreat 
17th of October 2021
 Dunwich, Suffolk. 


A yoga nidra immersive experience by the sea

I warmly invite you to join me for this all day immersive retreat on the stunning Suffolk coast of Dunwich where we will be sharing connection,  community, and radical rest in nature.  Yoga Nidra in nature provides the space and time to connect with the land, the elements and peel away the layers of who you think you are, to connect back to your nature body, and deeper wisdom inside you. 


Feel enlivened and inspired to make change

Develop clarity on what is possible

Set intentions and take action


Just like a nesting doll you have layers of consciousness that without awareness keep you bound in certain ways of being, doing and interacting with the world. Yoga nidra peels these layers away, moving beyond the identity of the physical body to arrive back home to a deeper place of knowing into a limitless place. Surrounded by nature, the sounds of the sea and held in a circle of sanctuary and community you can arrive home to your true nature, and back home to yourself.



We begin our day together with an opening circle of welcome on the heath and oracle card reading to bring new inspiration and set intentions for this day of self inquiry. Dunwich heath provides us with a stunning back drop for nature connection and we will spend an hour on a silent walk through the heath and notice nature, the plants, creatures, and rocks. We will look to nature's example of rebirth and transformation for becoming exactly who we believe ourselves to be by letting go of the struggle and speediness, and let go of the need of becoming our best instantly. 


After this walk we will settle in a quiet and private dell for an immersive yoga nidra nature amplification, followed by journaling, a picnic lunch and self reflection. The afternoon brings the opportunity for a beach walk, swim in the sea, and a native American cleansing dance of life. We will close the day with a circle on the beach, final journaling, and oracle card reflections and sharing. 



​ Give yourself the time and space to reflect on your relationships, work and the direction you are headed in this day retreat of yoga nidra and exploring nature with a  group of like minded women​. 


Waves of inspiration and creativity can appear like 'downloads' when we feel plugged into something greater than ourselves. During this immersive day we will be using nature as metaphors for where we may be stuck and gain new insights into old or present issues which can feel unsurpassable. Nature’s metaphor releases us from a sense of battling against our circumstances and invites us to rely upon an innate, perhaps universal, order and timing.