4 Week Online Programme

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4 week online programme 
to connect you with your Intuition

9th January - 5th of February 2023 


It’s time to step out of striving and to write a rich new vision 


 Your intuition has been dormant for some time and you feel disconnected from your authentic voice and integrity. Perhaps you are standing at a crossroads and feel afraid of making the wrong decision, starting a new project or a new career, or carving out the freedom to travel and have big adventures. Your connection with the real you and your intuitive voice has somehow got lost along the way with the fast pace of your life. 


You are warmly invited to join me for this 4 week online programme to uncover your natural gifts, soul wisdom and creative energy where you will step out of a world of striving and into a world of meaning and purpose.


Together we will identify and strip away thoughts and behaviours that keep you stuck and repeating unhelpful patterns of thinking that are holding you back. Discover and work in harmony with your own intuitive personal inner mentor, remove unhelpful beliefs and open your eyes to where you have been asleep in your life. 


This transformational programme is for every creative woman who wants to live with emotional freedom and reconnect to their intuition and creative radiance.



Wake up to your intuition, creativity and deeper wisdom so you can open your heart and mind to all the possibilities and learn to live by your authentic values and integrity.  You will do this through a combination of live coaching sessions, video and audio tutorials together with powerful journaling prompts to give you everything you need to write your way home to yourself.

Each week you will create new connections so you can reconnect to yourself, your intuition and your authentic power. Learn the antidote to the 6 key negative emotions, so you can deal with fears and obstacles and discover how to connect to your intuitive creative wisdom through yogic sleep.
You will write a personal manifesto that charts a map, writing your way from here to there,

word by word, line by line.



  • 4 x live interactive coaching sessions for exploring where you feel stuck and in your waking life and in your dreams. Stephanie is here to support you every step of the way. 

  • 4 x live collaborative yoga nidra sessions to connect to your own personal GPS system and tune into your creativity.  

  • Access to an online classroom with video tutorials and journaling prompts from Stephanie to support your learning and growth. You will receive weekly encouragement to nurture and grow your ideas and creative intentions.

  • FREE 60 minute coaching session with Stephanie - to be taken within two months after the programme has completed supporting your journey of growth. 

  • 4 x meditation for intuition recordings for you to keep - these are specially recorded by Stephanie. These meditations provide a backbone to the programme and you will have lifetime access to them beyond our time together.

  • Three months free membership in the NEST online community so you can have accountability,  share your journey, and motivate one another. (value £81) - Be part of an inspiring group of women.

  • Receive The Live Lightly handbook to guide you through the journaling process and video tutorials every week. This will provide a rich resource for the programme and your learning.

  • Invitations to the monthly new and full moon meditations for supporting your intentions.


 Starting with your inner world change your unhelpful beliefs about the world you live in and wake up to stuck and repeating patterns in your life. Take responsibility for your choices and decisions to guide you forwards.

  • Live coaching call on Monday 7 - 8pm - 

  • Live yoga nidra meditation Monday 8:30pm

  • Weekly video tutorial and journal prompts 

  • Receive the Live Lightly handout

  • Receive a yoga nidra meditation for coming home to yourself

  • Access to the Nest online classroom, community and private group circle

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 Redefine your authentic values and retrieve the buried feminine, intuition, creativity and wisdom. Establish a new rhythm in your life that has balance and harmony. Learn how to keep your creativity reservoir topped up.

  • Live coaching call on Monday 7 - 8pm 

  • Live yoga nidra meditation Monday 8:30pm

  • Weekly video tutorial and tutorial prompts

  • Receive the Live Lightly handout

  • Receive a yoga nidra meditation for connecting to intuitive voice

  • Access to the Nest classroom, community and private group circle

  • Invitation to lunar charting working with guest speaker April McMurty Thursday 7pm

  • Invitation to the new moon meditation circle Saturday 8pm


 Restore imbalances, recognise and respect your feminine qualities and creativity. Connect with your inner mentor and find freedom in trusting your intuitive voice. Set a clear path to move forward with confidence.

  • Live coaching call on Monday 7 - 8pm - 

  • Live yoga nidra meditation Monday 8:30pm

  • Weekly video tutorial and journal prompts

  • Receive the Live Lightly handout

  • Receive a yoga nidra meditation for trust

  • Access to the Nest online classroom, community and private group circle

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 Reroot yourself firmly in a new story of your life, one that is filled with meaning, purpose and belonging. Live an uncluttered life in line with your authentic values and creativity. Write your personal manifesto to guide you. 

  • Live coaching call on Monday 7 - 8pm - 

  • Live yoga nidra meditation Monday 8:30pm

  • Weekly video tutorial and journal prompts

  • Receive the Live Lightly handout

  • Receive a yoga nidra meditation for trust

  • Access to the Nest online classroom, community and private group circle


Holkham Norfolk

Sunday 19th of March 2023

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Bonus Invitation To The Spring Equinox Gathering

Your growth and support are important beyond our time together

You are warmly invited by Stephanie to join her and the Nest tribe for a beach walk and picnic lunch under the wide open skies of Holkham beach, Norfolk. With the Spring Equinox energy, and having completed the programme your spirit is waking up with new ideas & new dreams for your life. This is an opportunity to consolidate your learning and have soulful conversations to help you feel alive & inspired to stay on your path. 


9th - January - 5th of February 2023
Live Calls Mondays 7:30 -9 pm




Spaces are limited. 
A 3 -6 month payment plan can be arranged. You can choose to pay a deposit and the rest can be paid in monthly instalments. Please get in touch to arrange this: hello@featherlightliving.com 

Hello I'm Stephanie, 

 I show women how to live in harmony with their natural rhythms, supporting women to find their voice, and connect them to their intuition and creativity. ​

As an intuitive coach, I assist women to master their thoughts so they can live a life on purpose, with freedom, ease, and a lot less stress. I see myself as a lighthouse, shining a light so women can navigate their way back home to themselves.


It is my aim to take you from disconnected and burnt out to energised, lighter, and connected to your own intuitive wisdom and purpose.  

Stephanie Satriawan Coaching, yoga nidra online programme


 I feel so much joy!

I would never have guessed that changing my habits would provide such huge benefits.


I am beyond words as to how much benefit the course has provided for me - Just mind expanding . Thankyou Stephanie


 A deeply enriching, life affecting, and affirming experience, that has significantly improved my overall well-being, for the long-term. 

Stephanie is an incredible teacher. She will be with you every step of the way. Take a step to freedom and growth if you can.


This has made a huge difference to how I feel each day in terms of my energy, enthusiasm, and being able to focus on positively achieving the things I want more of in my life. 

Stephanie is amazing at what she does, offering support and encouragement in such a kind and gentle but fantastically effective way."




  • Reconnect to your authentic wisdom and intuition and learn how to trust your intuitive voice.

  • Feel free of negative and repetitive thoughts that keep you stuck.

  • Wakeup to the fullness of life and feel connected to the community you live in.

  •  Feel less cluttered in your mind - and your life. Make choices that fulfil your integrity and free yourself from the things and people that weigh you down.  

  • Make decisions from an authentic grounded place, rather than be directed from your inner critic.

  • Tap into a limitless source of energy and creativity within you.


Yoga Nidra Coaching and journaling online programme


  • You are feeling disconnected, stuck, disempowered and are constantly ‘in your head.'

  • You want to learn how to use your intuition as a super power, and tap into it on demand.

  • You want to restore self confidence and self trust​ when it comes to creating boundaries with your time and with people.

  • You want to live a life that is in line with your authentic values.

  • You want to move into a more fulfilled, aligned, happy and empowered self.

  • You are ready to make changes in your life and feel part of a community and want to be guided in a supportive environment. 


What will I need?  

Access to a computer and the internet, a notebook you wish to use as your journal, plus a pen you love to write with.  

When are the live sessions?

The coaching calls are on Monday evenings 7:30-9 pm. These are held via zoom. You will receive a link once you have booked your place. 

How do I access the programme?

The programme is delivered to you via the online portal NEST. Once you have signed up you can access the course content, recordings and video tutorials. 

What if I can't attend the live sessions?  

All live sessions are recorded and can be viewed in the NEST portal the next day so you can catch up and relisten anytime. 

Featherlight Living Nest Community

Nest is a nourishing sanctuary that provides empowerment and support to awaken to the power of your intuition and find a natural rhythm to life that feels sustainable, creative and entirely freeing.


In this online community, you receive sisterhood, support and community to live in a seasonal rhythm that supports your growth, INTUITION and creativity. Every month you will receive invitations to LIVE moon dream circles, conversations with special guests and workshops with inspiring teachers.


You will also have access to a growing library of resources including yoga nidra meditations, and the winter book club to inspire soulful conversations with themes on cyclical living, rest, growth and creativity.