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Yoga nidra meditation and journaling online course featherlight living.


A short online course for pausing, reflecting, and journaling around the new moon. 

Over the new moon each month I warmly invite you to join me for a  'sacred pause'  bringing yoga nidra and journaling into your life in bite sized chunks to rest and reflect around the energy of the new moon. When we are living our lives as a householder, with responsibilities and duties to family, jobs, friends, and pets it can feel like there is no time for ourselves and our own spiritual practice.



The aim of this 5 day self inquiry is to reframe what a regular meditation practice looks like and bring moments of stillness and calm into your life in small and meaningful ways. You can create space and time, no matter how fast life is moving and how many things it seems there are to do. Together I will show you how to connect to your practice and elevate your view of everyday living that weaves in spirituality in practical and inspiring ways. 


  • Daily emails to creat small daily rituals that sustain you and bring connection to yourself.

  • Learn short breathwork practices to bring clarity and focus. 

  • Receive daily journaling prompts over 5 days

  • Receive 2 video tutorials with meditations that are yours to keep

  • Find a new rhythm in your day

  • Feel supported by a community of likeminded women

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This is such an easy and valuable course to attend, as it is online and you do not need to be anywhere at a specific time, but you do receive personal emails, with videos, each day to watch at your leisure. You will be taught "bite sized" methods to enable you to create "space" for yourself in your daily life, incorporated with fabulous prose and music, as always. I have been fortunate enough to attend several of Stephanie's events and courses and all that she teaches makes perfect sense. This course gives you what you need to do this, delivered in Stephanie's professional, calm and inspiring way. 

- Gill




The meditations and journaling are done in your own time with daily emails containing inspiration and powerful journaling prompts, together with access to the private Facebook group Featherlight Reflections to receive further support. The time indicated on the booking, 9 am, is the time you will receive your first email from me. The emails will arrive in your inbox at roughly the same time each day. You can work through the journaling whenever works best for you! Each email will contain a short reflection together with a meditation recording or a tutorial  and a selection of powerful journal prompts to reflect on.


The course runs for five days over each new moon. You will receive your first email with journaling prompts and a tutorial two days before the next new moon in the calendar month. 



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Hello I'm Stephanie

I show women how to live in harmony with their natural rhythms, supporting women to find their voice, and connect them to their intuition and creativity. Featherlight living is a touchstone to help women live their values. 

As an intuitive coach, I assist women to master their thoughts so they can live a life on purpose, with freedom, ease, and a lot less stress. I see myself as a lighthouse, shining a light so women can navigate their way back home to themselves.


It is my aim to take you from disconnected and burnt out to energised, lighter, and connected to your own intuitive wisdom and purpose.  

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