Featherlight Living Retreats


business and relationship coaching for women in suffolk

Allow me to inspire you to dive into a deeper space of enquiry and growth. 

Are you are looking to have a complete overhaul on your outlook, your relationship with yourself and your direction in life? These retreats are a transformational gift to yourself where you are free to focus on physical and emotional needs...in a beautiful location held within a supportive group.

Feel lighter, energise your body and mind, and move forwards with ease ….reconnect to yourself, your direction and your creativity. 

Make 2021 the year to nourish yourself, reclaim your integrity, and connect to your power. I warmly invite you to join me to make the space and time to draw on your values to create the life you would love, with less stress and more ease. 


30th July- 2nd August 2021

Lings Meadow Suffolk 

Glamping and camping with yoga nidra around a campfire

Join me and my fellow Yogis to experience Yoga Nidra under the stars where I invite you to embrace the night, so you can welcome the mystery of your dreams wisdom.

This special annual retreat, now in it's 4th year, offer the space and time to reconnect to yourself and find community with a group of like minded women. 

Featherlight Living Retreats
Featherlight Living Retreats


28th- 30th January 2022

Dingle Marsh Barns Dunwich

Rewrite your story. A journaling and meditation retreat by the sea


I warmly invite you to join me for this all inclusive New Year retreat on the stunning Suffolk coast of Dunwich where we will be sharing connection, community and the opportunity to rewrite your life.


The possibility retreat allows space, time, and guidance to re-evaluate your direction. Gift yourself the opportunity to reflect on your relationships, work and the direction you are headed in over two days through journaling, meditation and coaching and exploring nature with a group of like minded women​.