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This workshop provides a spacious, creative thinking environment to help navigate a pathway through turbulent times. Through mindful coaching, journaling and breathing exercises, we will raise self-awareness and help develop coping mechanisms for change.


Resilience can help us overcome challenges, manage stress and change so we can bounce back when we get knocked down. Life will inevitably throw curveballs at us but it’s how we react to them that matters most. This workshop shows how to build and develop resilience, understanding how it is just like a muscle and needs exercise so it can grow,  so we can navigate the complex and uncertain world we live in today. Learn how to create a flexible approach to problems and develop the vital skills which create resilience and creativity when faced with adversity.

"Like tiny seeds with potent power to push through tough ground and become mighty trees, we hold innate reserves of unimaginable strength. We are resilient." 


 Katherine DeVrye


This workshop is for individuals and teams providing a welcoming non-judgemental space for developing empathy, understanding and adaptability to change within the workplace. 


We will identify immediate and practical coping mechanisms for strengthening mindsets collectively as well as individually, viewing problems as opportunities rather than stumbling blocks. 


  • The emotional resilience workshop is available as a 3.5 hour session in person, 2.5 hour session online via zoom, all day intensive or as a series of sessions

  • The workshop is also available as a series of sessions where a greater level of support is required.

  • Minimum of 6, Maximum of 12

  • Mix of input, pairs exercises, thought experiments and group discussion. Worksheets supplied.


  •  Physical & mental health

  • Adaptability: becoming comfortable with uncertainty

  • Stress as a creative vehicle 

  • Strengthening our social support network

  • Community connection 

  • Developing a growth mindset


A half an hour follow up reflective session is included to reflect on the benefits received from the coaching workshop. 


These follow up sessions ensure full integration of the tools and techniques have been understood and applied.

The follow-up sessions offer the opportunity for further support where it's needed and are arranged 1 week following the workshop.  

"Stephanie provides a welcoming space and offered us gentle, reflective questioning together with practical usable frameworks. This 6 session course had a transformative impact on resilience within the team and lay strong foundations for the future which gives me confidence that these transformative changes are sustainable."

Sarah - HR 



This half day workshop offers an introduction  to resilience and the importance of becoming aware of the early signs that stress is becoming an issue at an emotional, cognitive and behavioural level.

The focus is on applying quick solutions to these clues based on teachings of neuroscience and behavioural science. Practical exercises are an integral part of the session, helping delegates recognise what is in their control, and what to do about the things that concern us that we are not able to control

This is available as a 3.5 hr  half-day session face to face or 2.5 hr via zoom


During this all-day intensive workshop we have the opportunity to dive into a deeper space of inquiry allowing for 

more in depth understanding of resilience along with theories that explain the attribute in detail.

This all-day workshop creates a spacious environment for reflective thinking with themes including values, neural flexibility, change, and physical and mental health.  These themes will drive our conversation in group discussions, reflective exercises and activities for the day, providing an experiential opportunity to try out some of the learning in a relaxed and supportive environment.


A series of six 3.5 hour monthly sessions offers the most powerful and supportive ​ways to provide sustainable change.


Over the course of 6 sessions we build further on the theory underpinning our knowledge of resilience, together with  a more comprehensive understanding of the situations that cause people to feel stressed.

An understanding of managing mental health issues in the workplace  is also provided with information and guidance  regarding anxiety and depression, two of the most significant health issues causing workplace absence today.