Life balance coaching for women


 Flourish and be more resilient in challenging times.

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"Everything can be taken from man but one thing: The last of the human freedoms - To choose ones attitude in any given set of circumstances. To choose one's way." 


- Viktor Frankl

Uncertainty is becoming the new constant in our lives. When we live with this constant background feeling of stress and anxiety, it affects every aspect of how we live. Without tools for developing resilience, uncertainty can be deeply destabilizing. Our sleep, physical health, work, relationships, and family life are all affected. 


You find yourself stuck in fight, flight, or freeze, responding to each new challenge with the same habitual coping mechanisms. Maybe you fight, run, hide, or curl up in a ball. You feel out of control and cannot manage your emotions easily.  It's exhausting


These habitual coping mechanisms are stopping you from tapping into your rational mind and thinking through other response options. This automatic stress response circumvents your creativity and new actions.

Would you like to take back control of the way you respond to challenging situations? 

Manage your emotions more easily?  

 Become more present with yourself and develop a flexible mind? 


Respond to situations from a clear rational calm place? 


Discover sources of wellbeing and resilience that are available to you regardless of the current situation of your life? 


Move through life with a sense of meaning, purpose and freedom?


Through my six-week online coaching course you will develop the emotional resilience and inner strength needed to confidently handle problems and challenges with an empowered mentality.

Your inner resilience gives you the capacity to cope with difficult experiences, sometimes quite severe, without being subsumed by those experiences and without falling into the automatic responses dictated by fight, flight, or freeze.


This creates a happier and calmer way of navigating a path through turbulent times and much better able to cope with the curveballs that life throws at you. The coaching techniques taught on the course raise self-awareness and help develop coping mechanisms for change. The tools and techniques you will master during this program will support you for the rest of your life. 



The emotional resilience course is group coaching and meditation and consists of 2hr weekly sessions over 6 weeks​. The course is taught virtually over zoom. Handouts provided via email.



 Rewiring the negativity bias - develop a growth mindset through adversity


  Become more flexible - learn to be more adaptable when faced with uncertainty


Tap into your inner optimist 


 Defining purpose and meaning even in difficult times



Design strategies and remove barriers that have been holding you back



Vision and create your resilient life, filled with a supportive community 


  • Feel able to push through any blocks you face with clarity and creativity.

  • Learn from your mistakes, rather than avoid them, and remove your internal negative narrative

  • See obstacles as challenges, and allow adversity to make you stronger. 

  • Feel empowered, stronger and more free, and in control of life.


Your growth and support is important to me and this course also includes:

  • A meditation toolkit for emotional resilience - Lifetime access.  

  • The 'how to' journaling workbook to learn the lifetime tool for decluttering your mind

  •  A 90-minute bonus private coaching session from Stephanie


The safe, supportive and nurturing environment Stephanie offers in person was replicated online, a testament to her amazing people and communication skills.


With Stephanie's support, natural skills, and such thought provoking topics, I felt very at ease to share and listen within the group.

I am truly thankful for the opportunity for thought, growth and acknowledgment of my already present skills and I would highly recommend the course, it has brought me so much and ignited a desire to explore my thinking more. Thank you Stephanie


The online group was small and Stephanie immediately created a warm, friendly and inviting atmosphere, where I felt safe to share and listen to the others within the group.


Her knowledge of the topic 'resilience' is truly inspiring, and skillfully prepared with weekly handouts as well, to supplement our understanding and learning.


We were encouraged to use a journal, something I had not used before, and now given me the inspiration to keep one!
Stephanie is intuitive, perceptive and kind, bringing a sense of comfort and support. 

- Rachel  


The exercises we did have all helped me approach challenging situations differently now, and I find myself recalling them and mindfully pushing through any blocks I face. The fact that I am now able to do that gives me even more confidence, strength, and joy.

The discoveries I made during the journaling part of the sessions were very powerful. By guiding us with carefully designed questions, Stephanie managed to weed out realisations that have truly changed the way I approach life and relationships, and the way I view myself. .
- Nashwa

Life balance coaching for women


The next course runs in March 2021