You are warmly invited to this deeply enlightening natural health workshop, a collaboration together with Homeopath and Nutritional Therapist  Debbie Greenslade and Yogini, Therapist and life coach Stephanie Satriawan.


This workshop aims to bring understanding, awareness and support to these natural changes in a woman’s life has been specifically crafted for women who are either experiencing perimenopause, menopause or who may even be unsure as to where they are at.


Menopause is not called The Change for nothing. While your body is going through a physical shift, your psyche is undergoing its own revolution. Think of yourself as leaving one country to find another. In this new land there are new rules and they are all laid down by you! Menopause is ultimately about you coming Home to yourself.


This Workshop is for: Any woman experiencing any peri/menopausal symptoms, regardless of age and women who’d like to understand how to manage these hormonal changes naturally and be in harmony with their body. What To Expect:

Through the nourishing practices of Well Woman Yoga, talks with Debbie Greenslade (Homeopath and Nutritional therapist) group work and Meditation: Understand the physical changes with our hormones and their dramatic affects. Discover how we can alleviate many physical symptoms e.g. disturbed sleep, poor memory, brain fog, hair and skin changes Empower yourself with knowledge with support for improving self-confidence. Reduce hot sweats without HRT Help to rebalance sleep disturbances.


Be proactive - protect your bones and prevent osteoporosis: with a practical guide to which supplements & foods are critical during the menopause and what/where to buy them. Many women experience confusion and uncertainty at this time surrounding how they are feeling and the changes in their body and mind. This experience often goes unspoken of or unacknowledged.


During this enlightening workshop we aim to offer women a fully holistic and empowering approach to menopause, weaving physical, meditative and practical beneficial practices to help target and alleviate menopausal symptoms. This approach is designed to fully develop and support women’s health during this challenging time in women’s life. The aim is to empower women to approach this time of life with renewed knowledge, strength and positivity.


This all day workshop costs £75 and  is taught at the Unitarian Meeting House,  including a nourishing plant based lunch and handouts. All props and yoga mats provided. 

Menopause Workshop 

Saturday the 14th of March

10am - 5pm