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Potent leadership coaching for senior women leaders and future leaders who are seeking a liberating, fresh approach to women’s leadership.

Perhaps you have made progress in mid level management but your senior leadership remains male-dominated.  


Too often, female leaders are trying to fit into boxes that were defined by men in order to be taken seriously or rise to the leadership positions they desire.


This means that they are consciously or unconsciously holding back important parts of their authentic self and are not maximising their leadership potential.


It's time to redress the balance and lead with authenticity  


Women's leadership typically focuses on empowering women to become more confident and increase their impact. What is missing is a deep dive into feminine leadership, the unique traits that women typically bring, the value that they hold and how to embody these traits as a powerful and influential feminine leader. 


My role as a coach is to invite you to journey to a deep place of self-inquiry.  I will show you how to draw on your values and support you to find your voice, connecting you to your ideas and creativity to create a leadership style that feels valuable and authentic.   



  • Befriend and cultivate a relationship with yourself and your intuition so you can make choices with clarity and ease.

  • Find your authentic power and be yourself even when the world is telling you to be different.

  • Discover a right brain renaissance and cultivate creativity, flow, intuition, together with emotional well being. 

  • Overcome imposter syndrome and break out of the cycle of self-doubt. Tap into your innate confidence and resilience.

  • Unleash your inner feminine and embody more joy, flow and power. Create rhythms of working that are aligned for you. 

  •  Create powerful, positive influence with challenging people or within difficult relationship dynamics.


Lead from a deeply grounded place embodying your own unique potency, feminine strengths and talents. Feel clear and confident in your leadership vision and takealigned action towards creating it. 


Let go of the need to be validated by others, have the courage to say no and define your boundaries and face your fears more easily.  Reclaim your authentic voice.



Suffolk Yoga Nidra & Life Balance Coaching



 A six month package to redesign your leadership style, rebalance the scales and lead with integrity.

  • Explore your personal values and understand your personality profile: your unique strengths, blindspots & development areas 

  • Use the power of the subconscious mind and reprogram your beliefs to take action on your goals from a place of deeper alignment

  • Create space for a new belief system and strategy aligned with your leadership style and personal goals

  • Understand how to maximise your personal leadership potential

  • Experience a powerful visualisation designed to help you reach your goals more effortlessly

  • Approach your goals from a place of deeper self-trust



Book a coffee chat. This conversation will give you a nourishing reconnection with the heart of who you are, whilst giving an opportunity to ensure that we have rapport and can work well together so you can achieve the life you are looking for. 


There are no obligations at all at this point, no pushy sales talk,  and I will be honest with you if I feel I am not the coach for you. Coaching is a personal journey and we have to be the right fit for you to get the most out of our sessions together. 

Life balance coaching suffolk


Stephanie has taught me how to live my life on MY terms, to look inward, see myself for the first time, and embrace myself with all my faults. She’s taught me how to build a fishing rod, and how to fish.


Stephanie is warm, compassionate, intelligent, highly trained in several disciplines, funny, caring and most of all makes you feel good about yourself and trust her, which is a gift in itself.

Life balance coaching suffolk


 I feel beyond fortunate to have benefitted from Stephanie's incredible skills this last year. In truth words here fall short of my full gratitude.


She has opened up my eyes, helped me to stay on the path - fuller and richer - in every sense than I ever thought possible - and enabled me without question to achieve some impossible dreams, reacquainting myself with my voice, passion and purpose.

Life balnce coaching suffolk


 Throughout the programme, Stephanie's skillful approach helped me to find a kinder, more supportive voice in myself and hush my inner critic. 


I feel inspired, and motivated and trust myself to move forward.  I have found the courage & confidence that I can achieve my goals and know I’m allowed and deserving of them.

Life balance coaching suffolk
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