This half day workshop provides a spacious, creative thinking environment to help women grow in confidence in themselves and their ideas. Encouraging women to speak up and find confidence in their voice, this workshop will raise self awareness and challenge mindsets, empowering female team members and leaders to overcome their fears and self doubt and contribute more effectively.


Confidence coaching provides women with the opportunity to discover how to find their voice and feel comfortable with challenge, trusting that their contribution is valuable.  These sessions equip them with the tools to connect with others in significant ways without sounding arrogant or pushy, so they can move forwards successively and positively. 

These sessions provide a welcoming non judgemental space for women who are at any level who know they have the ability to achieve more and would like to grow in confidence and develop their skills to find meaningful, values driven way to share their ideas and communicate effectively. 


  • Boldness and confidence for engagement and performance

  • Women’s leadership - possibilities and growth for development. 

  • Shouting quietly - speak up with confidence

  • Mindfulness for productivity 

Who are these coaching session for? 

Session Structure 

  • The confidence coaching session is available as a 3.5 hour session, a series of sessions or all day.

  • Minimum of 6, Maximum of 12

  • We will customise the session to meet your needs and goals

  • Ad hock coaching sessions can be arranged once the coaching programme has finished to continue support where it’s needed. 

Topics included in the session


Join me for a free 30 minute private coaching session,  where we can discuss the purpose and intended outcomes of the coaching.


This conversation gives us an opportunity to ensure that we have rapport and can work well together.

I went to Feather Light Living as I was at a point where I needed clarity and help making some important decisions on both my business and personal life. With Stephanie’s coaching, I was able to see things from my business partners point of view, and instigate a plan that was right for me and our business.

Stephanie puts you at ease, really cares about your situation and helps from the heart. She has been my rock and helped me through some difficult times. I cannot thank her enough. 

- Debbie



One-on-one work is the most powerful, most bespoke work I offer to take you from a downward spiral or frustrating plateau to significant progress in the direction of your dreams.


Via skype or zoom these bespoke coaching sessions are arranged at a time that suits you and your busy timetable and provide a convenient way to bring coaching into your life.


I host regular coaching and yoga workshops and retreats throughout the year to dive into a deeper space of enquiring and growth