Life balance coaching for women

The world needs more confident women who are connected to their creativity and living their life's purpose in a way that doesn't lead to stress and burnout. 

You feel stuck and have lost the excitement, enthusiasm and meaning in your daily life. Perhaps fear is preventing you from taking a new direction and stepping into unknown territory.

You feel afraid of making the wrong decision, starting a new project or a new career, or carving out the freedom to travel and have big adventures. Your connection with the real you has somehow got lost along the way with the fast pace of your life. 


You know you want so much more from life, but you need help to shrug off the safety and security of your current comfort zone, and step boldly into your new future.


Life wasn't supposed to be this way. You want to live a meaningful life but life has crept up on you. You need help to reconnect with yourself and rediscover your passions and purpose.You are awakening to a deep need to make a fresh start, but need help breaking the cycle of busyness so that you've got time to make the changes needed to confidently step into the next stage of your life. 




It's time to redress the balance, redefine freedom, and live a meaningful life.  

My role as a coach is to invite you to dream, risk and leap bigger than before, helping you to overcome obstacles that block fruition.  I will show you how to draw on your values and support you to find your voice, connecting you to your ideas and creativity to create the life that you would love.   

Using living lightly as a guiding principle you will learn how to break the habit of self-doubt and build real confidence, enabling you to break habit loops and act with courage. Together we challenge self-limiting beliefs and identify what are your dreams and passions, and what ignites the fire within.  

Life balance coaching for women


  • Lighten your stress - reclaim your time and strive not to get more done but to have less to do.

  • Lighten your spirit - remove emotional bagage and negative self talk 

  •  Lighten your stuff - take the weight from your life, set boundaries and find a more peaceful way of being. 

  • Lighten your days - Live with purpose, passion and integrity. 


Choose to live by a set of principles, beliefs, and values which are uniquely yours. Live a purposeful life doing things you love most, whilst making an impact on the lives of people around you. 


Let go of the need to be validated by others, have the courage to do things that challenge and excite you, face your fears more easily,  and take action to live confidently and vibrantly.  Reclaim your right to live a joyful and fulfilled life.


Look at life through a new lens and reconnect to the limitless reservoir of well-being inside you. Connected to yourself, your purpose and your values, you can then feel free, confident, fulfilled and lighter. Learn to find ease in risk and have the courage to live a life you would love.   

Life balance coaching for women

There are three ways you can work with me...



 A three month package to redesign your lifestyle, rebalance the scales and start living again.

Develop a purposeful strategy that enables you to move through life with a sense of meaning, purpose and freedom.


This work gives you a renewed sense of purpose and identity, keeping you focused on your objectives and what really is important and meaningful to you.


Prices from £750


Walking and coaching in nature for a half or full day.

These immersive sessions are a deep dive to encourage you to visualise living a life aligned  your true passions and values achieved within the framework of walking and talking in nature.


 This natural and relaxed foundation will afford us the space to walk and talk freely and engage in creative and imaginative possibilities.

Prices from £350



A personalised Yoga Nidra for creativity to create the space for what IS possible.


This 90 minute session together provides a collaborative and empowering space for you to awaken to the power of your intuition and find clarity, illumination and guidance.  

The session is recorded for you to keep and listen to daily to keep you open to the possibilities in your life.

Investment £150


Book a free 30 minute call. This conversation will give you a nourishing reconnection with the heart of who you are, whilst giving an opportunity to ensure that we have rapport and can work well together so you can achieve the results you are looking for. We'll discuss the purpose and intended outcomes of the coaching and what would be right for you.


There are no obligations at all at this point, no pushy sales talk,  and I will be honest with you if I feel I am not the coach for you. Coaching is a personal journey and we have to be the right fit for you to get the most out of our sessions together. 



I went to Feather Lightliving as I was at a point where I needed clarity and help in my life.

Stephanie puts you at ease, really cares about your situation and supports from the heart. She has been my rock and helped me through some difficult times. I cannot thank her enough. 


Stephanie has encouraged me to vocalise my dreams and helped me to plan out how I could achieve this. 


With Stephanie’s warmth and guidance, I now feel ready to bring out the best in myself and start that new chapter in my life. And for that I will always be grateful. A big heartfelt Thank you. 


Stephanie has changed the way I look at things and she has changed my mindset. I am much stronger today thanks to Stephanie and her support. My relationships have improved and my confidence has grown.


 I honestly cannot thank Stephanie enough for all the tools she has given me to face the world