business and relationship coaching for women in suffolk


Connect. Create. Elevate 

"I believe the world needs more confident women who are connected to their creativity, living their life's purpose in a way that doesn't lead to stress and burnout."   

I connect women to their ideas and creativity in a spacious, thinking environment to make change happen. 


I  specialise in working with women who are at thresholds at key points in their lives, in work, relationships, motherhood or the menopause, to overcome their fears and self-doubt.  


I empower women to find their voice and grow in confidence and resilience so they can elevate to a live a life of meaning and purpose.

My role as a coach is to invite you to dream, risk and leap bigger than before. There is no script. I provide you with tools and techniques for life to reconnect you back to your ideas and creativity so you can remove fears, anxieties, and out-dated beliefs that hold you back.


Creativity coaching will provide a powerful framework of support, accountability and transformation, in a safe and nurturing space. 

 During these sessions, we collaborate together to tap into your creative nature and bring your ideas to life. I listen deeply and draw on my wide-ranging experience of running my own successful businesses where creativity and business meet. Together we challenge self-limiting beliefs and identify what are your dreams and passions, and what ignites the fire within.  


  • Set intentions and take action

  • Shift from reacting to creating

  • Find 'aha' moments of illumination

  • Build confidence and courage

  • Develop creative habits

  • Build creative resilience

  • Reduce stress and increase well-being

  • Live life with purpose, passion and integrity


Expect To Make A Positive Change In Your life 

Choose to live by a set of principles, beliefs, and values which are uniquely yours. Live a purposeful, intentional life doing things you love most, whilst making an impact on the lives of people around you. 


Let go of the need to be validated by others, have the courage to do things that challenge and excite you, face your fears more easily and take action to live confidently and vibrantly.  Reclaim your right to live a joyful and fulfilled life.


Experience a greater sense of well-being and happiness and an ongoing sense of professional and personal achievement.  Look at life through a new lens and reconnect to the limitless reservoir of well-being inside you.


You have the power to create and define the meaning you attach to everything you do — including your life’s purpose — by creating it yourself.  Wake up each day with excitement knowing a fulfilling day awaits you. 

How We Will Work Together 

 We work together over 6 -12 sessions which are flexible and made up of online coaching, emails, phone calls, and where possible face to face sessions. I am an advocate of walking coaching sessions and may suggest this if the weather allows. 

During these sessions, we collaborate together to tap into your creative nature and bring your ideas to life.  These sessions uncover your strengths and values so you can creatively expand your vision and reconnect with your confidence and unique power.   As we engage in this work, I offer you wisdom, sensitivity and insight.

Coaching is a journey of reconnection, growth and development and this journey takes time, self-responsibility and commitment. I’ll be with you every step of the way, cheering you on, supporting you with the mindset shifts whilst holding you accountable so change can happen. The journey starts with you. 


Join me for a free 30 minute private coaching session, where we can discuss the purpose and intended outcomes of the coaching.

This conversation aims to give you a nourishing reconnection with the heart of who you are, whilst giving an opportunity to ensure that we have rapport and can work well together. There are no obligations at all at this point. 

The next step is to decide which coaching package best suits you and book your sessions.


You'll receive a questionnaire that allows me to find out more about your hopes, dreams and also ensures we can make the most of yours sessions. This will also help you get your mind focussed to think about what you want to get out of working together so we can achieve the result you’re looking for.


I went to Feather Lightliving as I was at a point where I needed clarity and help to make some important decisions on both my business and personal life. With Stephanie’s coaching, I was able to see things from my business partner's point of view and instigate a plan that was right for me and our business.

Stephanie puts you at ease, really cares about your situation and supports from the heart. She has been my rock and helped me through some difficult times. I cannot thank her enough. 


Stephanie has encouraged me to vocalise my dreams and helped me to plan out how I could achieve this. Something I’ve felt too overwhelmed by in the past. Enabling me to see through the fog and giving me the tools to see clearly and visualise my goals.


With Stephanie’s warmth and guidance, I now feel ready to bring out the best in myself and start that new chapter in my life. And for that I will always be grateful. A big heartfelt Thank you. 


Stephanie has changed the way I look at things and she has changed my mindset. I am much stronger today thanks to Stephanie and her support. My relationships have improved and my confidence has grown.


She is so kind, understanding and empathetic. She doesn’t judge and as soon as you meet her you can be yourself and say what you feel. I honestly cannot thank Stephanie enough for all the tools she has given me to face the world