If you would like to have more confidence and resilience so you can live a life of emotional freedom, welcome home. 

business and relationship coaching for women in suffolk

Hi, I'm Steph

I specialise in working with women who are at thresholds and key points in their personal and professional lives, to overcome their fears and self-doubt.


Through coaching, journaling and meditation I show women how to draw on their values to create the lives that they would love, giving them the confidence to create more space and time for purposeful living in a way that doesn't lead to stress and burnout.


If you are overwhelmed and feel stuck, I know how you feel. I’ve been there. I’ve worked too hard, not felt like I deserved more, and slept too little. A giver, Cancerian and a recovering perfectionist I have spent much of my adult life overextending myself to meet everyone else’s needs first. I didn’t say ‘no’ as I was worried I would offend, I didn’t listen to my body when it said ‘enough’ and stayed too long in the wrong job because of the fear of the unknown and of what could be on the other side.

I created Featherlight Living through a desire to show women the emotional freedom in doing less and discovering their voice so they can say "no" more often.


I have spent the last 15 years making big and small changes to live more meaningfully and on purpose.  I am passionate about spending time in nature, I meditate, journal, hold women’s circles, share the healing practices of yoga nidra and say "no", a lot.

I’m really proud of my journey and expansion from the person I was to the one I am today. 



Featherlight Living is about reconnecting women to their confidence and strengths, truth and power, desire, and integrity.  I show women how to live in harmony with their natural rhythms, supporting women to find their voice, and connect them to their confidence and resilience. 

Through coaching, transformative retreats, and workshops, I provide a nourishing space where women can reclaim their integrity, creativity, and connect to their power. they can live a life on purpose, with freedom, ease, and a lot less stress. I see myself as a lighthouse, shining a light so women can navigate their way back home to themselves.


Write your way home to yourself in my month-long programme to learn the tools and techniques to breathe well, to sleep well, and to live well. 


One to one work is the most powerful, bespoke work I offer where we work together to tap into your creative nature and bring your ideas to life. 



I host regular coaching and yoga immersive retreats. I have three planned for 2021  to dive into a deeper space of inquiry and growth. 


Steph Satriawan is a coach and featherlight guide, specialising in showing women how to break through their negative self talk to live their lives on purpose.  Spending her twenties traveling and living in Bali she has made bold choices and followed her intuition to find freedom in her life to live intentionally and purposefully. 

Working with individuals, schools, and corporate companies, she offers over 15 years of experience in therapies and practices that specifically nourish and heal with more than 1500 hours of formal training in western and non-western healing modalities. Stephanie’s coaching sessions, workshops, and retreats offer a space where women can come together in an environment of healing, nourishment, and growth.

She is a graduate of the acclaimed Barefoot Postgraduate Certificate in Business & Personal Coaching, an associate certified coach with the ICF, and a member of the Yoga Nidra Network.  Stephanie regularly talks to audiences large and small about what freedom really means, and how to find it in your life.

Life balance coaching for women with Stephanie