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Stephanie Satriawan

Teacher. Guide. Torchbearer.

I connect women to their creativity, empowering them to grow in confidence and resilience, so that they can elevate to a life of professional and personal freedom.

My Mission

Through coaching, transformative retreats, workshops, and classes, I provide a spacious thinking environment where women can reclaim their integrity, creativity, and reconnect to their power. Defining values and strengths underpin my approach. I listen deeply and draw on my wide-ranging experience of running my own successful businesses where creativity and business meet. 

Through mindful coaching, journaling and meditation I show women how to draw on their values to create the lives that they would love,  giving them the confidence to move past their fears and self-doubt and make an impact on their lives and those around them.

This is an opportunity for you to hack away at the undergrowth of your thinking, name your unnamed, speak your unspoken, claim your unclaimed and embrace your creativity and gifts so that you can give newly planted saplings freedom to grow.

Reconnect To Creativity

My work is about reconnecting women to their vulnerability and strengths, truth and power, past and present, desire and integrity,  nature and body. I show women how to live in harmony with their natural rhythms, supporting women to find their voice, and connect them to their ideas and creativity. I see myself as a lighthouse, shining a light so women can navigate their way back home to themselves.  


Coaching is a journey of reconnection, and this journey takes time, self-responsibility and commitment. I find the sort of women who are drawn to work with me have a shared world view, who see themselves as thoughtful and creative, driven by a sense of purpose and adventure.




Join the Featherlight Reflections online journaling community and put pen to paper. Each week explore your creativity and ideas in a supported environment through weekly group coaching and a private membership group.

Inspired by poetry, essays and creative coaching questions, this monthly course contains themes including rest, growth, change and freedom. These themes will drive the weekly journaling prompts, group conversations in our private members group.

 Focus your thinking and articulate your thoughts so you may navigate through turbulent waters and sail to calmer shores. 


One to one work is the most powerful, bespoke work I offer where we work together to tap into your creative nature and bring your ideas to life.

Realign with your strengths and the things truly value to reconnect with your unique power and confidence.


Coaching is a journey of reconnection, growth, and development and this journey takes time, self-responsibility and commitment. 


Get in touch for an open and friendly complimentary coaching conversation. I would be delighted to support you on your own journey.


I host regular coaching and yoga immersive retreats throughout the year to dive into a deeper space of enquiring and growth. 

Are you are looking to have a complete overhaul on your outlook, your relationship with yourself and your direction in life? These retreats are a transformational gift to yourself where you are free to focus on physical and emotional needs...in a beautiful location held within a supportive group

Feel lighter, energise your body and mind, and move forwards with ease ….reconnect to yourself, your direction and your creativity


 Background And Training 

 I am a mother, coach, teacher, featherlight guide and writer,  passionate about empowering women who want to navigate their lives forwards positively and successfully. I offer you over 15 years of experience in therapies and practices that specifically nourish and heal with more than 1000 hours of formal training in western and non-western healing modalities.  In my twenties, I lived in Bali Indonesia where I ran a successful restaurant, Jasmine Kitchen. 

As a coach and mentor, I have benefited from the support and guidance from superb teachers and continuously seek further support in my work so I can develop and grow.  I work with individuals, schools and corporate companies, where my coaching sessions, workshops and retreats offer a space where women can come together in safety and harmony.

I choose to teach a style of yoga that offers women a space for deep listening and inquiry.  My Well Women Yoga and Yoga Nidra classes create an environment for freedom, nourishment and growth. These healing practices amplify intuition and creativity in a welcome nonjudgemental space that is full of warmth.

I am a graduate of the acclaimed Barefoot Postgraduate Certificate in Business & Personal Coaching and an associate certified coach with the ICF.

I have completed training in Well Woman Yoga Therapy  (a therapeutic approach to yoga for supporting women's health) under the guidance of Dr. Uma Dinsmore- Tuli together with Yoga Nidra - yogic meditation, and Restorative Yoga from the world-renowned Judith Hansson Lasater. I lead women's circles and have worked in women's health as a clinical aromatherapist for 15 years supporting women from pre- menarche to menopausal care.