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Hello I'm Stephanie

I connect women to their creativity, empowering them to grow in confidence and resilience, so that they can elevate to a life of professional and personal freedom.

Creativity Coaching For Women


Receive free support and join a community of like minded women to plug into for creative recovery, development and growth. It's a space for women who are going through change and want more self belief and confidence to find clarity and fulfilment in the major areas of their lives, of creativity, self expression, self care and nourishment. You are warmly invited to join our community to share ideas about creativity as women and anything that connects with our creative cycles, personal growth and development.

Events & Retreats
Possibility Retreat
Dingle Marsh Barns, Dunwich
Joyful Yoga Retreat Ibiza
The Chettinad, Ibiza
Starlit Yoga Glamping Retreat
Ling's Meadow


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I went to Feather Lightliving as I was at a point where I needed clarity and help to make some important decisions on both my business and personal life. With Stephanie’s coaching, I was able to see things from my business partner's point of view and instigate a plan that was right for me and our business.

Stephanie puts you at ease, really cares about your situation and supports from the heart. She has been my rock and helped me through some difficult times. I cannot thank her enough. 

- Debbie