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Life balance coaching, yoga nidra retreats suffolk


Suffolk Yoga Nidra & Meditation Retreats

Hello I'm Steph,

I empower women to live in a cyclical rhythm so they can have more space and time for a life filled with meaning, purpose and belonging. 


I choose to teach a style of meditation that is nourishing and healing. Yoga nidra promotes deep rest and relaxation that isn’t found in your average meditation practice and is more refreshing than deep sleep. Considered the meditative heart of Yoga, yoga nidra offers the possibility of deep transformation where you enter the enchanting space between waking and dreaming. It moves your body and your consciousness into an altered state of deep rest and rejuvenation.

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Allow me to inspire you to dive into a deeper space of inquiry and growth.


​Are you are looking to have a complete overhaul on your outlook, your relationship with yourself and your direction in life? These retreats are a transformational gift to yourself where you are free to focus on physical and emotional a beautiful location held within a supportive community of women.

I hold seasonal immersive retreats in beautiful locations around Suffolk and Norfolk so you can connect to a pace and rhythm of life that brings you back into your flow. Feel lighter, energise your body and mind, and move forwards with ease …. reconnect to yourself, your purpose and your creativity. 


Receive support and sisterhood and join a community of like-minded women to plug into for living in line with nature's cycles for emotional freedom and creativity. It's an online sanctuary for women who want to find clarity and fulfillment in the major areas of their lives, of creativity, self expression, purpose and meaning. You are warmly invited to join our community so that you can harness your power and connect to your voice.

Yoga nidra, life balance coaching suffolk


You have a quiet voice of wisdom that is hidden under the surface of your everyday life. My free journaling handbook filled with inspiring journal prompts will help you to connect with your intuition and inner guide.


Stephanie has taught me how to live my life on MY terms, to look inward, see myself for the first time, and embrace myself with all my faults. She’s taught me how to build a fishing rod, and how to fish.


Stephanie is warm, compassionate, intelligent, highly trained in several disciplines, funny, caring and most of all makes you feel good about yourself and trust her, which is a gift in itself.


I feel beyond fortunate to have benefitted from Stephanie's incredible skills this last year. In truth words here fall short of my full gratitude.


She has opened up my eyes, helped me to stay on the path - fuller and richer - in every sense than I ever thought possible - and enabled me without question to achieve some impossible dreams, reacquainting myself with my voice, passion and purpose.


 Stephanie is the real deal - she walks her talk and very much embodies all that she teaches. She is authentic and caring and an incredibly powerful listener, she will help you to realise your own insights and celebrates with you when things go well, and is completely non-judgemental. 


You would be in very good hands if you chose to work with Stephanie.  . 


Featherlight Living is proud to be embedding restoration into the business by planting 50 -80 trees with profits from every workshop and retreat.   

Tree Sisters planting trees


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